Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Gift To Someone Special

Anyhoo... I am still so damn surprise there's 8 comment on my very short and quick post. LOL...
Thank YOU!!!!!

We've celebrated Mother's Day but did anyone forget that on 8th May is Teacher's Day... Well I did. My mom reminds me about that cuz one of my cute Korean student gave me a present. WAAAAAA... I am struck by the fact someone actually consider myself as a teacher.
I am grateful for the thoughts of a mere human being like me can teach someone... heck! about anything at all.

Anyway... this is his present...

Very-very-very cute present.

I don't know what this is... is it suppose to be some kind of Korean Scarf? I'll ask reagie about it.

This LV keychain+wallet (i really don't know what the real name for this one). But still, this is the first time I touch LV... Yes I am that KAMPUNGAN.

I wonder if it's genuine?... But there's a mark inside made in france. Even if it's not I still cherish it. It's not everyday someone give you a gift.

But the real hero here is my MOM... Teaching for almost 15 years (probably more), inspired and guiding a lot of young minds. And not forgetting her 3 naughty children.

This is Puan Geta and Ma to 4 children.

The Mother's Day cake.
A tribute to mothers in our family.

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