Friday, May 15, 2009

cOOKING IS A Battlefield.

I know... probably that sounds too overrated but I don't give a damn... if anyone ever saw me cooking they'll understand cuz i'll be running around looking for things i wanna cook while the pan is on fire. And that is a true story.

Anyway... this post is not about me bragging about my cooking skill but a photolog about my outings with the girls...

LAst Friday We Went To JUgz..
The official report would be Nancy and I sorta crash wewen's party with her friends...
and apparently wiwin is there too. So 4 of us try hard to give life to the club but unfortunately killed by the stupid remix.

Can't you dance to the Song Limbo Rock...
welll I CANNOT!
and some sluts that are too drunk to fucking realize that what they're doing look so stupid
and even worse they keep on wooiingg.

LOL... anyhoo.. as always 'We taking Pics Like'... get it? LOL

Yeah... miss me bitch.

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