Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Strum my string...

I never feel comfortable wearing Gstring and I don't think men would enjoy it either. I know g string is suppose to be sexy and while wearing a skirt with Gstring will make it easier for men to picture your naked butt. I salute those who can endure this pain but I pick comfort before sexy.

Anyway visit to a local lingerie shop has change my view about Gstring. I would really love to see a men wearing this.

FIERCE and silky.

Okay I get it... it's a 'cock' and it's a big one.

LOL, this picture just made my day. I did try to google Gstring like this but all I get is the boring colorful plain Gstring.
Like this one.

Eh... maybe this one is an old one, I just realize they probably name Gstring after Gspot. Probably hoping anyone wearing this will have an orgasm.

I like cock better than dick.

Show me The Way

I am considering giving up on some things that wouldn't change and yet my heart won't let me do it even if my brain tells me that is the only logic in this situation. Change won't happened in a day or two... change won't happened when you wished for it, change is almost impossible and maybe when that happen it might be too late.

Am i chasing a hopeless dream? Am I just in denial when I say that everything will takes time. When I have changed and yet he will not? Or am I the reason for things to be this way? All this left unanswered, and within this four walls I cried alone, unnoticed... I hate being the victim, stuck in denial when everyone can see how pathetic that is.

I deserve to be treated better but the funny thing is no one else could make me happier. I believe that I am in love, I am happy but when reality kicks me... I woke up to a nightmare and there is no way escape. Like a placebo effect, believing on something that doesn't exists.

Lighting a candle.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Simple Gesture

I wonder sometimes why some simple SINCERE gesture seems so hard to be done?
Gesture such as "I'm sorry", "I love You" normally done under insincere emotions. I dunno if I put that one right, I am not a relationship expert. I am just another victim of an emotionless relationship, which this simple sincere gesture is rarely acted upon.

I am complaining since I can't really talk to my other half about this because he'll assume that I am bored with him WHICH I am not and tired of explaining again and again. Am I doomed to accept this? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
I refuse to accept this and try to amend (is that the right word to put it) whatever it is I am into, to a better one. Even slightly better I would be satisfied cuz that's mean that it work.

I wish He is reading this right now and realize that he gotta do something before its too late I guess. Maybe I should tell him to his face about all of this and hope that he'll understand... Because sometimes jokes cannot make the situation better maybe a little gesture showing that he care would be nice. I would like that very much... really, really much. I'm not expecting some over the top romance, just few simple gesture on the right situation would mean so much for me or is it too much to ask? I don't mean presents or candle light dinner... Cuddling doesn't necessarily means I want sex. Just look at me for a second, think before you act.

I am just a mere human being.

~I'm dedicating the song 'Knock You Down' by Keri Hilson~

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Vision

Nancy and I have a vision our future.
We are planning something good and everyone is welcome to see the result.

Here's a hint

don't u just love it.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

JunkYard Alert

Girls and handbags seems to be together all the time.
So probably it is true that you'll know what type of girl from her bag.

My Favorite Bag is My white Vincci bag which of course I bring everywhere since holiday started and I'm in fantasy mode where my life is similar to Paris Hilton so by bringing a cute bag will make my fantasy partly true. Sad as it may seem I seem to enjoy this fantasy.
*That's Hot* -Paris Hilton-

And this is not a complete entry without photos!!!

Yes, This is the bag. I like it so back off!!! *giggle*

This is my so-called view of (my) life.

I dunno why I bring a nail polish remover everywhere I go. Probably for emergency manicure.

This is an essential item. No 3G, No mms, No GPRS... no nothing.
Save Me.

Earphone?! This thing suppose to be in my lappie bag.

Dumpit/wallet that I keep on forgetting at odd places.

This is essential for oily skin like mine.

Even I don't get it why I need 2 makeup sponge.

My Current Fav Lipstick. I bought it for RM5 (THAT CHEAP!) and it suite me. So I'm happy.

A massager/slimmer for those that cursed with cute pot belly. LOL.

This is suppose to be on my wrist.

Scissors. HECK.. even I dunno why I need em.

A hair clip and coins. I have a bang.

A red pen and marker. Probably from tuition...

Old Tissue, candy for soar throat and reload coupon.

So if this is Room Raider, my room won't be pick.

Conclusion: My Life is pretty messed up and I am a messy Girl.

My camera should be included in this list but at that time it's in another bag. So BOOHOO.

It's Hot and I am Melting

I know some of my previous post seem to be full of hatred and anger towards the one I love. I can't say that I didn't mean it cuz I really do. That's my honest opinion and I wouldn't want to sugar-coat it. And that's why some people regarded me as a bitch or anything synonym to that.

I wouldn't say that I'm happy being label by that, but so what nobody would care any way... whether you are sad, insulted, mad or hurt by any kind of statement.
Because The Truth is human is born selfish.
Believing the world revolve around them and probably will stop a minute when they die.
We want to believe we are special and loved by all.

and maybe we are special, the most special species on Earth that could walk, talk and act freely. Everything else got to live according to our way of living.

I'm going to the beach today. (Bimbo style)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ciara and Enrique- Taking Back My Love

should totally check out this video.

One More Question:
Ciara Can I have Your Shoes... Please...

Making me missing every moment...

Picture Alert

Yes, I am a picture hoarder and I AM DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!
LOL... Okay, since i haven't bought an external HD i gotta delete these treasure of mine but some of them are just

LOL... I'm in the mood for self praising today so, just leave this blog if you are fucking sick viewing camwhores picture. But the truth is, i kept this picture to remind me of fond memories to make sure what i remember was real in case of temporary amnesia. LOL...

Donuts... You'll won't find it at Big Apple but that doesn't stop me craving one. While at Indonesia Wewen and I can't stop munching this delicious desert.

At a factory Outlet in Bandung. Wewen was picking out beach shorts and asking my opinion.

The Guy that sticks cardbod as a plat number.

CUTE!!!! I kept pestering Edmond to bought me this one cuz it's just too fucking cute even though I'm not a doll person, I don't mind getting this one instead for my birthday.

Wiwin, Nonok and I being emo.

My parents wedding picture, I edited it a bit. Ma and Pa look so young...

Gah... this is moi when I was 7 years old. Mom made me pose among stuff toys. There's a naked doll here with creepy eyes. Can't see it though from this edited picture.

My Cat is so Cute! Hang in there choro!

Latest Picture, taken last saturday.


Good Morning

It's 7am and i'm up...
What am going to do today?
gain more weight?

Friday, May 22, 2009

I want to kidnap this cat!

and This Dog!

I just found out what the heck is cowbell.

As embarrassing that might sound, I admitted I just found out about this phrase...
"Need more cowbell".

Thanks to a friend from facebook for commenting that on my status. cuz out of curiosity I google about it.

Apparently Cowbell is a musical instrument that looks like a cowbell and it is inspired ( I assumed ) from cow's bell.
So the phrase 'need more cowbell' came from a sketch from SNL about the recording of the song (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.

It's damn funny if you get the joke... HAHA. Anyway this is the only video allowed embedding cuz most of the better video is either already deleted because of copyright and doesn't allow embedding. So go find the video on youtube yourself.

I like what Will Ferrell is wearing in this sketch though, LMAO!!!!

God You Are Repulsive.

I dunno what to blog these days, seems like ideas exiting from my brain without telling me.
Lemme share some things about my life...

1. A friend of mine is stuck with a no good egoist asshole. AND they love-hate relationship is killing both of them. It is really pathetic when she keep on accepting him back after a VERY bad breakup.
(seriously this sound too much like the soaps on TV).

2. Some of my so-called friends is living in a fantasy and that really irks me up cuz they keep on justifying the lie they created. I just wish they stop cuz they ain't fooling nobody. GET A MUTHAFUCKIN VIEW OF REALITY.

3. I am still broke and haven't really solve my coming financial dilemma.

4. Still haven't finish assassination of Jesse James and I bought that book on MARCH 2008.

5. I FUCKING FORGOT to bring my sister the blue handbag and the jeans I borrowed from her last week.

will be posting pictures of nothing soon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I miss this Cat

I miss this Cat very much.
I should have blog about him earlier but due to my own hectic life and selfishness (i guess), I forgot and right now (insert sentimental music) missing him so much.

This is the Cat created generations of cats at My Mamatua's house and a LEGEND.
He's the first cat who is not afraid of Dogs even Tobey is afraid of him.

Born August 2003
Died May 2009

Likes : Catching rats, tailgating people, hot red head, drinking beer with Tobey, planning rave and ambush at enemy's den, napping on hot concrete floor at sunday morning.

Dislikes : Being bother, cold food, chochoro (gotta be strict on his heir), being stroke at the tummy.

Abilities : Able to keep own voice as sweet and young, able to catch birds, rats etc... Have damn cute eyes that will melt the ladies heart, muscle that can crack a bottle.

Goodbye Mimeow or si bapa....
We miss you so much.

Dont Trust Me

Black dress with the tights underneath,
I got the breath of the last cigarette on my teeth,
And shes an actress (actress),
But she ain't got no need.
Shes got money from her parents in a trust fund back east.
T-t-t-tongues always pressed to your cheeks,
While my tongue is on the inside of some other girls teeth,
T-tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef,
That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him.

She wants to touch me (Woah),
She wants to love me (Woah),
She'll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh),
Don't trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
Won't trust a ho,
Won't trust me.

X's on the back of your hands,
Wash them in the bathroom to drink like the bands.
And your setlist (setlist),
You stole off the stage,
Had red and purple lipstick all over the page.
B-b-b-bruises cover your arms,
Shaking in the fingers with the bottle in your palm.
And the best is (best is),
No one knows who you are,
Just another girl alone at the bar.

She wants to touch me (Woah),
She wants to love me (Woah),
She'll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh),
Don't trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
Won't trust a ho,
Won't trust me.

Shush girl shut your lips,
Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips.
I said, Shush girl shut your lips,
Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips.
I said, Shush girl shut your lips,
Do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips.

Woah, woah, woah...

She wants to touch me (Woah),
She wants to love me (Woah),
She'll never leave me (Woah, woah, oh, oh),
Don't trust a ho,
Never trust a ho,
Won't trust a ho,
Won't trust me

I dunno why I just like this song... This song would be perfect for those untrusting type of boyfriend or any ego maniac who thinks all girls are whores. FUCK YOU DUDE!!! MAY YOUR ASS WILL BE sodomize. LOL...

Anyway if you ignore the lyric it would be a fun song to dance in your underwear alone in your room.

Hey I just realize it this song should be a tribute for Lindsay and Paris.


*FYI, Those who dunno who the hell is Helen Keller is, she is an american author, political activist, lecturer and the first deafblind to own a bachelor in arts. WOW.*

i am in norlina mode repeating song. Thank God for Earphones...

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is the picture of my childhood friends.
Friends that used to tease me.
Friends that climbed every tree in Taman Sepanggar.
Friends that make me and Clay be watchdogs for our parents so they could talk to the boys they adore.
Friends that used to shoplift with.
Friends that will defend each other whenever in need.
They are My Friends.

I'm a skeptic sometimes of the concept or rather theory "Friendship forever" although I am guilty of singing that theme in my teens days but was forgotten when I grow up and realize that the friends you're with right now might never recognize you in the future.

But then... things might surprise you.

Congrats To Dayang Fairawanie and Rudy for their coming nuptials!!!

aiya... my friends are getting married and i feel old.

Friday, May 15, 2009

a Zebra is walking.

SO it's not a zebra crossing?
Seriously?... Not a Zebra crossing?
Then why people still cross?
There's a damn traffic light there and it's red?!
why people still crossing?

Beware pedestrian you might get knock down by a car.

Golden Days?

At last... my pictures collection has almost exceeded my storage capacity... I don't even know why i can't get rid of this junk. i don't view it anymore and yet i can't seem to click delete on it.

and that's only 1nside i folder and i haven't check the rest.
I so need to buy an external HD.
Can somebody sell me for half price?

i'm sweating like pig.

cOOKING IS A Battlefield.

I know... probably that sounds too overrated but I don't give a damn... if anyone ever saw me cooking they'll understand cuz i'll be running around looking for things i wanna cook while the pan is on fire. And that is a true story.

Anyway... this post is not about me bragging about my cooking skill but a photolog about my outings with the girls...

LAst Friday We Went To JUgz..
The official report would be Nancy and I sorta crash wewen's party with her friends...
and apparently wiwin is there too. So 4 of us try hard to give life to the club but unfortunately killed by the stupid remix.

Can't you dance to the Song Limbo Rock...
welll I CANNOT!
and some sluts that are too drunk to fucking realize that what they're doing look so stupid
and even worse they keep on wooiingg.

LOL... anyhoo.. as always 'We taking Pics Like'... get it? LOL

Yeah... miss me bitch.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I play with myself.

i might be wrong but i think this pic of me resemblances of Miss Piggy from the Muppet Show.

A Gift To Someone Special

Anyhoo... I am still so damn surprise there's 8 comment on my very short and quick post. LOL...
Thank YOU!!!!!

We've celebrated Mother's Day but did anyone forget that on 8th May is Teacher's Day... Well I did. My mom reminds me about that cuz one of my cute Korean student gave me a present. WAAAAAA... I am struck by the fact someone actually consider myself as a teacher.
I am grateful for the thoughts of a mere human being like me can teach someone... heck! about anything at all.

Anyway... this is his present...

Very-very-very cute present.

I don't know what this is... is it suppose to be some kind of Korean Scarf? I'll ask reagie about it.

This LV keychain+wallet (i really don't know what the real name for this one). But still, this is the first time I touch LV... Yes I am that KAMPUNGAN.

I wonder if it's genuine?... But there's a mark inside made in france. Even if it's not I still cherish it. It's not everyday someone give you a gift.

But the real hero here is my MOM... Teaching for almost 15 years (probably more), inspired and guiding a lot of young minds. And not forgetting her 3 naughty children.

This is Puan Geta and Ma to 4 children.

The Mother's Day cake.
A tribute to mothers in our family.