Friday, April 3, 2009

What has the world turn into?

Kota Kinabalu: A nine-year-old schoolgirl died of a stab wound on her neck which cut a vital blood vessel resulting in severe bleeding, a murder trial in the High Court here was told Wednesday.

Dr Jessie Hiu, 42, a forensic pathologist with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) here, said the wound on the right upper outer aspect of Haserawati Sarioi's neck, behind the right ear, was 3cm long.

She told the court there was no chance of survival based on the nature of the injuries.

Dr Hiu said the stab wound was directed downward and to the left, cutting the right sternomastoid muscle, the right jugular vein, the right carotid artery and soft tissue behind the esophagus.

According to the pathologist, there were another seven stab wounds found on the deceased's neck and head, including a stab wound measuring 1.5cm long on the right upper front of the neck.

There was also a stab wound measuring 1.5cm long on the right side of the neck, located behind and below the injury that caused the schoolgirl's death.

A stab wound measuring 1.7cm long on the right side of the neck, also behind the injury that caused the death, a stab wound measuring 2.2cm long on the back of the head.

Two stab wounds on the left back of the head which crossed each other and formed "T-shape" inward cutting the outer table of the skull and another stab wound measuring 2.7cm long on the left back of the head.

The doctor also told the court that there was a bruise on the left shoulder and patchy bruises around the schoolgirl's private part.

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