Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shell Carnival frm 4th - 5th APRIL

What did you guys did on Saturday?
Probably most of you will go out on Saturday night, club hopping, drinking and having a very bad hangover at this moment. Well... good for you cause right now I am full of envy to give any excuses of me not celebrating the weekend.

But the good thing is I did enjoyed my weekend although not exactly my cup of tea but its okay cuz I spend it with my family.
So instead of getting wasted, I was at the Shell carnival at 1Borneo with my 5 year old brother Genesis, Mommy Dearest and Dad.

My Favorite photo of the day. Thanx for lending me the lense Ciean! I felt like Sayuri in Memoirs of a Geisha.

Clown?... I don't really like clown even when I'm 'his' (pointing finger at Genesis) age.

I camwhore alone just cuz...

Happy moments at Shell Carnival

My mum pondering whether 'to buy or not to buy'.

Bonus Link card's points can be exchange. My dad got himself a raincoat.

Drama over toys.

Kids... They get almost everything they want with those big eyes. MUAXXX!!! He is so cute.

Any car lovers?

Yup... I also wish I own something as awesome like that.

I just realize my FB includes my classmates already... Owh no... Now they'll know that i'm such an internet slut. LOL...


sean said...

hello, i am sean. just wanna check with u whether u still gt others pic at 1 Borneo others than the fews u upload? do u have the pic when they lauching with the model holding the car? if gt can u email me? my number is 0198202626, anythinh just call me. hope to hear from u soon, i nid it for my report. thanks.

SuicideCandy said...

Dear sean... I am so sorry... this is the only picture I got. I wish I could help you though. thanx for dropping by at my blog.