Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Wish List

I can't stop blogging and surfing mindlessly.

I Created My Wish List.


I will definitely beg for this.
Cute Pink sneaker for school comfort!

New Bag... I like the graphic and it's big enough to fit my lappie.

Skinny jeans... (I know my ass might not fit this one properly but a girl can wish..)
Aviator sunglasses... Probably couldn't carry the look but no harm in trying.

Black strappy heels.. Already got one, but i'm addicted to this kind of shoe.

Gah... I can only wish and hope that money will someday grow on trees.

I'm a rockstar

1 comment:

ReaganRayMunang said...

damn! soma ngam darl! wowww mmg fashionista! im plan to make interview kolummmm..kunun i want to use you n nancy la..ask some cool question about fashion n ur lifestyle? apamcm? jd Blog Celebs..:)