Monday, April 13, 2009

Lets talk about someone...

God... I just couldn't believe it that a guy (I just met at facebook, proof you should only approve people you know!) asked me to find a wife for him!!!
Do i look like some kind of pimp? And the fact is I don't really agree with arrange marriages and most of my friends won't date someone like you!!! If you're that desperate go get YOUR MOM to find you a wife, don't go asking strangers to introduce their hot friends to you.

And I found this misconception really annoying!!!!
1.Sabahan Girls are NICE
2. Sabahan Girls are FRIENDLY
3. Sabahan Girls are very POLITE
4. Sabahan Girls is a typical HOUSEWIFE
5. Sabahan Girls is PRETTY

and I refuse to be label (any kind of label at all).

People is born with their own individuality and no one is the same. We should embrace our individuality and stop labeling others.

I for once is not a some nice next door girl, not a beauty queen, not some glamorous diva, not HALF ASIAN!!! and I am not NICE!!!!

and To the Person I am Dissing right at this moment, Stop being Sorry of Your Sorry Ass cuz there's much more unfortunate people than you. Rather than complain try to help others.

I'm showing my middle finger to YOU!


taragang_saru said...

people love to stereotype by what they know generally n whenever they in sabah long enough n then baru tau xDD

minta tlg find a wife on the web...some people are just too desperate xDD

SuicideCandy said...

itula... kima betul ne...memaksa lagi tu sambil broken english minta tulung cari wife "cuz sabahan girls is pretty n strong in christian" the guy's exact word.

GlamX said...

LOL.ask him to join Utherverse and have a virtual marriage lar. And one more thing they say that I loathe to the mega max. Sabahan girls are easy peasy to get. THEY ARE SO WRONG. Unless they are a HOT,ROMANTIC,WEALTHY,YOUNG FINANCIER OR WALL STREET GUYS THEN maybe we girls will go easy on them .. huh!!! Buy me a Jimmy Choo and maybe I'll let you buy me a drink. LOL.