Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm running out of time

Gah... Things have been super busy with the car bussiness.
I can't believe there's too much paper work on a simple thing.
But anyway probably this is the part when I say "pengalaman!!!".

Hopefully everything will be okay, the car will be sent to the right workshop and insurance claim won't be too long and tedious and the most important thing the car will look as if it was straight from the factory.

I am missing internet so damn much, i see many blog's updated and with very little time (cuz my lappie has battry problem) i couldn't check it out. But will do!!!

I am still hating MR AHMAD SATTAR for this car bussiness, it seems like it will never end and will only end up confusing me with paperwork after paperwork and with workshop still haven't been decided cuz everyone seems to corrupted to be trusted. Gah... (again) This week suppose to be me studying my ass off and edmond enjoying his so much needed holiday instead we're stuck doing this!

Well the next time some idiot decided to hit our viva i'll know what to do.
1. Take picture of accident's scene.
2. Report to police station.
3. Remember that to lodge a report you gotta have
* Copies of...*
- IC
- Driver's licence
- Card Car (suppose to be kad kereta, this is a direct translation, too damn lazy to google).
- Insurance!!!

4. Pick a good workshop and make sure you got all the documents (same documents with police report plus the person's that hit you docs)

We're currently doing number 4 and it's kinda tedious cuz everywhere seems to be too corrupted to be trusted. WHY?
1. They might used old spare parts for my still in warranty car.
2. They might used insurance claim to charge more.

Gah (AGAIN!)...

Here's a fugly picture of mine...

that's not my name

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