Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Eye Monster

Jealousy bug has yet bitten me again. Tomorrow mi familia is going to have a picnic at our usual picnic spot. Kibunut the only place (with help from the cute blue dolphin and bright orange circle) i can swim happily without worrying that some evil leg grabbing moster underneath me.

Okay... calm down cynta... Anyway I just finished reading Lolita and it is as good as what Bee has review (even though i dwnloaded it probably not the original). Yup... instead of reading KPO or Geo I finish Lolita and heck I probably gonna regret my decision but right now I am so uber hungry I choose to be in denial.

Alas... we finally got a new tenant under our roof. I hope everything thing will be okay.

I am still frustrated and I'm not PMSing yet so beware innocent civiliance cuz you might be cursed at by this petite looking hag.

Lord... Have Mercy

p/s - to anyone interested about Kibunut you should check out my previous entry. It is a great camping site as well.

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