Friday, April 3, 2009

The Fame

God, I rather be dancing to 'Lady Gaga' than studying math. I know and I should be regreting the fact that I got a fat fuckin ZERO!!!!!!!! (WTF?!!!) but i chose to live in denial and believe that I am a math genius. LOL... I am living in lala land right now, please someone wake me up... (Yes, I give full permission to try anything to wake me up, even kicking my ass).

so now what?! In the midst of confusion I google fractions. LOL...Anyone that really read my entry will know that I am know officially a tutor for 2, 10 year old. I hope they will like me but most importantly they gain some knowledge from me. But I almost have no idea how to do that, cuz unfortunetly my cute students is quite... quite... ARGHHHH!!! anyway... it's not as easy as it looks when my only experience as a tutor is to my 4 year old brother.

seriously can this girl be a perfect tutor?

I need something to relieve my stress unfortunately it came in a form of cylinder shape thingy that allows you to suck and inhale toxic into my lungs. HELP ME!!

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