Monday, April 13, 2009

Car Crash Incident

LAst Thursday Viva la vida got her first accident.

And I am temporarily deaf on the left ear. The doctor said my eardrum busted and will took quite some time to recover. Damn... but it's getting better day by day although my left cheek still hurts when you poke it.

And this is the person responsible for the accident. But thankfully he respectfully do his duty and pay up all the damages. Be careful lain kali pakcik... next time you might kill someone. Btw he's car has no damages at all cuz he hit petite viva with his ugly green suzuki jeep. (yep... i'm still holding some grudge over this but let by gone be gone WTF?!!).

A bit traumatise and I haven't yet drive viva but if Edmond doesn't get his paid hols, I am screwed to take care everything.

But Thank God My Brother Genesis Raphael Raymond is not hurt at all. I'm sure as hell will kill the bastard if anything happened to me brother at that time. Thank God... Thank God For this...
and also there's no visible scar on this pretty face of mine. (YAI!!!)


Happy Belated Easter Everyone!!!

I celebrated Easter at Tambunan leaving Edmond alone at KK (wonder what he was doing at that time).

It's been years since I went to holy Saturday a.k.a Easter Vigil and the experience was tiring and yet somewhat wonderfully holy (is that the right word to put it?)...

Rather than our usual church, we went to Holy Cross Toboh which in my opinion the architecture is quite beautiful.

there's a lizard kacau ipik time sembayang.

Don't cha just love the light scene... so serene...

Thank YOu GOD


ღ Heartphilia Marz ღ said...

accident ? how come cyn ?

SuicideCandy said...

2 org langgar belakang ne. LOL