Thursday, April 30, 2009

Green Eye Monster

Jealousy bug has yet bitten me again. Tomorrow mi familia is going to have a picnic at our usual picnic spot. Kibunut the only place (with help from the cute blue dolphin and bright orange circle) i can swim happily without worrying that some evil leg grabbing moster underneath me.

Okay... calm down cynta... Anyway I just finished reading Lolita and it is as good as what Bee has review (even though i dwnloaded it probably not the original). Yup... instead of reading KPO or Geo I finish Lolita and heck I probably gonna regret my decision but right now I am so uber hungry I choose to be in denial.

Alas... we finally got a new tenant under our roof. I hope everything thing will be okay.

I am still frustrated and I'm not PMSing yet so beware innocent civiliance cuz you might be cursed at by this petite looking hag.

Lord... Have Mercy

p/s - to anyone interested about Kibunut you should check out my previous entry. It is a great camping site as well.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Annoying yet mesmerizing

You definitely will be irritated with the bad lyrics yet you can't stop watching especially when they 'push it'.

one week to go muthafucka.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Under surveillance

Know what taste so good right now...

Yup.... sweet...sweet...sweet... Lemon Ice Tea.

Orange Popsicle...

and sweet frozen chocolate at my parents house.

God I hate Myself.

Tadika Datuk Simon Fung 18th Annual Sports Day

Yesterday was my lil bro sports day and I am proud to say he got 2nd place for individual running. LOL...

Although he did sulk after that cuz his friend Alden probably shove it to his face the gold medal.

Even parents participate on the event. There's a parent-child sports and almost everyone sign up to follow.

I just realise that this event started with my kidnergarten batch...
The first event was held at 1991 when I was in kidnergarten2.

And My mum told me I didn't get a medal but I'm too stubborn to admit it.
But I did get 1st prize in Drawing... so in your face Nonoi!


p/s: I am so damn hungry

My Wish List

I can't stop blogging and surfing mindlessly.

I Created My Wish List.


I will definitely beg for this.
Cute Pink sneaker for school comfort!

New Bag... I like the graphic and it's big enough to fit my lappie.

Skinny jeans... (I know my ass might not fit this one properly but a girl can wish..)
Aviator sunglasses... Probably couldn't carry the look but no harm in trying.

Black strappy heels.. Already got one, but i'm addicted to this kind of shoe.

Gah... I can only wish and hope that money will someday grow on trees.

I'm a rockstar

We Made You

I like Eminem... No matter how vulgar, insulting and irritating his lyrics and also some of his music video. Still I am fan.

Listening to his latest single 'We Made You' just made me laugh out loud. His lyric although vulgar is hilarious. I like the fact that he picks on famous people and get away with it easily (Remember when he picks on Christina Aguilera and She fires back with a song though nobody seems to care or probably know about the song).

We Made You Lyric

Guess Who… You Miss me?... Jessica Simpson sing the chorus

Jessica Simpson – (Eminem)
When you walked through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
We're the ones who (chicka) made you *cough, cough*

Back by popular demand
Now pop a little zantack or ant'-acid if you can
You're ready to tackle any task that is at hand
How does it feel, is it fantastic, is it grand?
Well look at all the massive masses in the stands
Shady man… no don’t massacre the fans
Damn, I think Kim Kardashians a man
She stomped just cause he asked to put his hands
On her massive glutious maximus again
Squeeze it, then Squish pass iit, then t to her friend
Can he come back as nasty as he can
Yes he can,can, don’t ask me this again
He does not mean to lesbian offend
But Lindsay please come back to seeing men
Samantha’s a 2, Youre practically a 10
I know you want me girl,
In fact I see your grin - now come on girl

When you walked through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
We're the ones who made you

The enforcer, looking for more women to torture
Walk up to the cutest girl and Charlie Horse her
Sorry Portia, but whats Ellen Degeneres
Have that I don't, are you telling me tenderness?
Well I can be as gentle and as smooth as a gentleman
Give me my ventolin inhaler and 2 zenedrin
And I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner then
Nail her,'Baby say hello to my little friend' Brit forget K Fed lets cut off the middle man
Forget him or your gona end up in hospital again
And this time it wont be for the riddle and binge
Forget them other men, girl pay them little attention
A little bit did I mention, that Jennifer's in love with me John Mayer So sit on the bench
Man I swear them other guys you give em an inch
They take a mile, they got style but it isn't Slim

When you walked through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
Were the ones who made you

And that’s why… my love
You'll never live without ,
I know you want me girl cause I can see you checking me out
And baby, you know, you know you want me too
Don’t try to deny it baby, I’m the only one for you
Damn girl Im beginning to sprout an Alphalpha
Why should I wash my filthy mouth out
You think that’s bad you should hear the rest of my album
Never has there been so finesse and nostalgia
Man Cash,I don’t mean to mess up your gal but
Jessica Alba put a breast in my mouth brp
Wowzers, I just made a mess of my trousers
And they wonder why I keep dressing like Elvis
Lord help us he's back in his pink Alf shirt
Looking like someone shrinked his outfit
I think hes about to flip
Jessica rest assure, Supermans here to rescue ya
Can you blame me?
You’re my Amy, im your Blake
Matter fact make me a birthday cake
With a saw blade in it to make my jail break
Baby, I think you just met your soul mate
(Now break it down girl)

When you walked through the door
It was clear to me (clear to me)
You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see)
You’re a … rockstar (baby)
Everybody wants you (everybody wants you)
Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you)
Were the ones who made you

So baby, baby
Get down, down, down

Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, get down

Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, down down
Baby, get down, get down

Oh Amy, Rehab never looked so good,
I can wait, Im going back!! HAHA Whooo!

DR DRE, 2020, Yeah

The music video is awesome should check it out but according to YouTube is not release yet in our Country...

so here's a link so you guys can check it out.
I like all the impersonator in this video especially The Fat Jessica Simpson.
How can Anyone be mad at Eminem... He's so cute...

I should be studying...

I am living under the shell

LOL... since my cable's out and I have no connection to internet for weeks (seems like years to me), I've been so clueless about anything outside of my own little world. For instance...

1. I just found out literally about Susan Boyle.
2. Lindsay Lohan just broke up with her gf Sam... (Good Riddance)
3. I just heard the latest single by Black Eye Peas ( yes, i didn't even listwn to the radio).
and the worse thing is

I just found out that Our Prime Minister now is
Datuk Seri Najib ....

Yes... I am the most clueless human being on earth...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The dreaded day

LOL... I just finish my mandarin exam and admit it was hard cuz even for 4 months trying to learn mandarin and all I can remember is 'Ni Hao Ma?', Wo Hen Hao'.

Anyway I was so damn nervous like I always do in any exams and trying to calm myself so that I can sit properly and not puke.

Gah... Too many things to share but so little time.
Edmond is currently waiting for me and I still haven't email my lecturer to request some exam tips.

see ya.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm running out of time

Gah... Things have been super busy with the car bussiness.
I can't believe there's too much paper work on a simple thing.
But anyway probably this is the part when I say "pengalaman!!!".

Hopefully everything will be okay, the car will be sent to the right workshop and insurance claim won't be too long and tedious and the most important thing the car will look as if it was straight from the factory.

I am missing internet so damn much, i see many blog's updated and with very little time (cuz my lappie has battry problem) i couldn't check it out. But will do!!!

I am still hating MR AHMAD SATTAR for this car bussiness, it seems like it will never end and will only end up confusing me with paperwork after paperwork and with workshop still haven't been decided cuz everyone seems to corrupted to be trusted. Gah... (again) This week suppose to be me studying my ass off and edmond enjoying his so much needed holiday instead we're stuck doing this!

Well the next time some idiot decided to hit our viva i'll know what to do.
1. Take picture of accident's scene.
2. Report to police station.
3. Remember that to lodge a report you gotta have
* Copies of...*
- IC
- Driver's licence
- Card Car (suppose to be kad kereta, this is a direct translation, too damn lazy to google).
- Insurance!!!

4. Pick a good workshop and make sure you got all the documents (same documents with police report plus the person's that hit you docs)

We're currently doing number 4 and it's kinda tedious cuz everywhere seems to be too corrupted to be trusted. WHY?
1. They might used old spare parts for my still in warranty car.
2. They might used insurance claim to charge more.

Gah (AGAIN!)...

Here's a fugly picture of mine...

that's not my name

crazie like gila ka?...


Monday, April 13, 2009

I am addicted to photofunia.

You shall be addicted!

thanx to ciean for introducing this magnificent website to me.

You guys totally gotta try this.
click this link!
and to anyone that knows this website before me... why the fuck didn't you tell me about this earlier!


Car Crash Incident

LAst Thursday Viva la vida got her first accident.

And I am temporarily deaf on the left ear. The doctor said my eardrum busted and will took quite some time to recover. Damn... but it's getting better day by day although my left cheek still hurts when you poke it.

And this is the person responsible for the accident. But thankfully he respectfully do his duty and pay up all the damages. Be careful lain kali pakcik... next time you might kill someone. Btw he's car has no damages at all cuz he hit petite viva with his ugly green suzuki jeep. (yep... i'm still holding some grudge over this but let by gone be gone WTF?!!).

A bit traumatise and I haven't yet drive viva but if Edmond doesn't get his paid hols, I am screwed to take care everything.

But Thank God My Brother Genesis Raphael Raymond is not hurt at all. I'm sure as hell will kill the bastard if anything happened to me brother at that time. Thank God... Thank God For this...
and also there's no visible scar on this pretty face of mine. (YAI!!!)


Happy Belated Easter Everyone!!!

I celebrated Easter at Tambunan leaving Edmond alone at KK (wonder what he was doing at that time).

It's been years since I went to holy Saturday a.k.a Easter Vigil and the experience was tiring and yet somewhat wonderfully holy (is that the right word to put it?)...

Rather than our usual church, we went to Holy Cross Toboh which in my opinion the architecture is quite beautiful.

there's a lizard kacau ipik time sembayang.

Don't cha just love the light scene... so serene...

Thank YOu GOD

Lets talk about someone...

God... I just couldn't believe it that a guy (I just met at facebook, proof you should only approve people you know!) asked me to find a wife for him!!!
Do i look like some kind of pimp? And the fact is I don't really agree with arrange marriages and most of my friends won't date someone like you!!! If you're that desperate go get YOUR MOM to find you a wife, don't go asking strangers to introduce their hot friends to you.

And I found this misconception really annoying!!!!
1.Sabahan Girls are NICE
2. Sabahan Girls are FRIENDLY
3. Sabahan Girls are very POLITE
4. Sabahan Girls is a typical HOUSEWIFE
5. Sabahan Girls is PRETTY

and I refuse to be label (any kind of label at all).

People is born with their own individuality and no one is the same. We should embrace our individuality and stop labeling others.

I for once is not a some nice next door girl, not a beauty queen, not some glamorous diva, not HALF ASIAN!!! and I am not NICE!!!!

and To the Person I am Dissing right at this moment, Stop being Sorry of Your Sorry Ass cuz there's much more unfortunate people than you. Rather than complain try to help others.

I'm showing my middle finger to YOU!

Honey how you thrill me.

1. Do you think you're HOT? ------> Sometimes n I'll be singing don't cha wish you gf is HOT LIKE ME!!!
2. Upload gambar kegemaran anda ---->
*due to technical problems No pictures will be include in this tag*

3.Kenapa anda suka gambar ini? ------> patut picture sy la... so sy suka sy la.
4.Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?-------> kima pizzahut 1borneo!!!rugi bayar service charge, suma service palui.
5.Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?-----> Hone Money - LAdy Gaga
6.Apa yang anda sedang buat selain selesaikan tag ini?
------> tunggu lappie siap
7.Selain nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan panggilan apa?---->Maginificent Princess... eseh... tidak bha... banyak nama panggilan so xda preference.
8.Tag lagi 6 orang. Soalan seterusnya ada kaitan dengan orang yang anda tag!
  • Ciean
  • Chisuki
  • Reagan
  • Wewen
  • Roxie
  • Ida
9. Siapa no.1 pada anda? ---->Aunty yg HOT!!!
10. Orang no.3 ada hubungan dengan siapa? ----> sumbody... teng3...
11. Kata sesuatu berkenaan orang no. 5? ----> kwn
12. Bagaimana dengan no.4?-------> adik sy.
13. Siapa no.2?-----? stalker daiki.
14. Bagi pesanan pada org. no.6-----> Safe pregnancy!

i gotta stop worriying.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

wtf vacation is over.

dang... To all my classmates they'll totally understand what I'm feeling right now. exam will start soon and all I can think about is how to spend my 2 months break!!!!!

But the truth lingers around the corner waking me up by saying "if you don't wanna hold a 3rd class degree you better get your ass off from that lazy chair and start studying, ~pretty young lady!~ (last part I added for vanity purposes, I know some of you guys has seen the ugly side of hot moi, so lemme perasan la a bit. ).

But not to worry, me blog will be updated time to time, and tomorrow to solve my on going battle with my own OS... I will sadly downgrade it, and hopefully every fucking problems will be gone.

I'll try my best

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

photos I wish I uploaded

i'm so fucking bored... here's some old pictures never publish anywhere and haunts my lappie. Mostly taken before I turn 20. No photoshop at all...except colors.

The Good

The Bad and The Ugly