Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yup... I agree.

I just read the latest entry from our beloved Chedet.

In every way I agree it 100%, as an engineering student myself I found it very hard to adapt English in Math and Engineering Subject after years of studying both of them in Malay. It is very tedious process that whenever I stumble in some phrases or word I don't understand I had to look up in a dictionary or google it online.

Most of the revision books are in English, the malay version is either translated or a few years (wayyy) behind and information inside those books always seems not to be enough and only confused me more. I know not everybody "suffers" like me but I'm sure that some of them understand my situation.

Learning Math and Science in English will help most students to improved and help them throughout university becouse most of those subjects will be in English even lecturers tend to speak english while teaching this language.

In my opinion this learning in english in both of this subjects should start long time ago and should be carry on, not to be stop.

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this is just my humble opinion.

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