Saturday, March 14, 2009

YOu shall Know Our Velocity By Dave Eggers

The novels is about Will and Hand, two childhood friends goes on adventure around the globe to give out a large sum of money to those who deserved it. Will as the narrator in this novel seems to be still mourning about their other friend Jack, that was killed in a tragic car accident becouse he was driving too slow and a speeding truck hit him and it was because of Jack, Will and Hand decided to travel around the globe and give away money.

There's a series of events that where Will almost lost insanity and seems to be absorb in his own mind he lost sense of reality only to be waken or shock by Hand or a bad memory. The choices of countries almost always depends on the airline schedule, although they tend to pick the most obscure countries as their destination. The First travel destination was Dakar where both of them seems to be a enchanted by the place and its people. Even Will considering the chances of him settling down there. In the course of their journey they met interesting, corrupted people and experienced much awkwardness while giving away the money and was reduced to pretend asking for directions, sticking money to barn animals and even sketching out a treasure map.

But before the climax of the story, there's a chapter where Hand is the narrator and explaining the real truth to us readers, where Jack their childhood friend doesn't exist and only creation of Will's imagination and only 85% Will's version of their so-called adventure were true. Hand claim that he hated the title and renamed it "Sacrament".

At the end of the novels, both of them came back safely to the states and goes on their separate ways. Will flies to Mexico for a wedding, met wonderful people and was happy. But according to Hand, he drowned there and left Hand to manage all his belongings.

It's a good and interesting novels, full of adventure that made you wish you are a part of the adventure as well.

I am currently reading Haruki Murakami short story collection; Blind Women, Sleeping Willow.

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