Friday, March 27, 2009

Who the fuck make up the hollywood floral theme?

Anyway this saturday will be going to the civil annual dinner and the theme for this year will be Hollywood Glamor Floral Theme. WTF?!! Okay, maybe I'm too stupid to understand this lame theme but anyway I don't think I would waste my money to buy floral print dress or any kind of thing resamblances a flower except maybe being the SOCIAL BUTTERFLY for the night. LOL...My idea of glamor would be some thing a mix of Beyonce and Kimora Lee so probably will google their image for some ideas.

Finally after wiwin been promoting me this Takoyaki Shop, with open heart I go and taste this weird round thingy food. To any Takoyaki Virgin out there It's at Wisma Merdeka Ground Floor and You won't miss it!

Cute huh...

It's only RM2.80 per box, u'll get 3 of this thing in the box. The smell would be kinda peculiar at first but you'll forget about it when you put the whole thing inside your mouth. It have two flavor spicy and original (kinda like KFC), I picked original and was somehow satisfied with it.

You can also view how they make Takoyaki live!
As for the floral theme... I'll ditch it for some diamonds... LOL

LOL... okay what the theme?

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ReaganRayMunang said...

Go cynta! waaa..ada tmpt mamam la..yum2..