Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welded inside.

LOL... Today at workshop class we learn to weld, it was kinda fun though I suck in it. I can't seem to make a cute weld line, all of them looks too ugly and I even made a hole on one of the metal plate. Although this time is was less messy that the 2 previous project so WOOHOO for cleanliness.

There's a IPTA book exhibition at UMS and anyone is free to come take a look, probably will find some good revision book.

This is an artwork by a SPS student. Sold for RM2000, I forgot though the title but this is my favourite artwork to date.

The 3 muskeerteers.

1. the friend asked me whether she should confronts her ex... My answer was "If it was me I would". Some things need explanations.

2. The bastard with his new gf deliberately delete me from his friends list in facebook when he founds out that I was a Friend of her. What the fuck does that mean?

Middle Finger to the fucker.

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