Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we don't read newspaper

Kota Kinabalu: This may come as a surprise but it appears even those in higher seats of learning are not reading as much as they should. Not only students but their lecturers too.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Vice-Chancellor Prof. Datuk Dr. Kamaruzaman Hj. Ampon who gave the damning report said both the students and lecturers at the university do not even read the newspapers to keep abreast of current issues.

The fact is they should be continuously reading to acquire more knowledge as reading develops and opens the mind to think and do things better, he said.

"I noted that students prefer to play games either on the computer or using their handphones instead of reading a book or newspaper which they should do more often to develop their thinking.

"Even UMS lecturers are not diligent when it comes to reading books or newspapers when they should as they are the ones educating the students," he said.

Kamaruzaman said this to reporters after launching books published by UMS last year and the presentation of the best book writer award as well as the IPTA Book Festival UMS 2009 at the UMS library here on Tuesday.

A total of 25 booths comprising 11 local universities and companies are taking part in the book festival from March 16 to 20.

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Lemme see here, our VC is not satisfied with us not reading newspaper.

Well, I dunno what others excuses but mine will be;

1. I am so busy doing assignments that I forgot to read.

2. I don't have a goddamn TV in my room.

3. Money to buy newspaper often went to copying notes.

4. I know the library supplies daily newspaper but final is in 3 weeks so U do the Math.

5. I need a break from serious facts so games and entertainment will be my choice.

LOL... I know excuses is excuses. Most of us students is waaaayyyy much younger than Tun Dr Mahathir, even though I idolize him, I'm young, slightly naive, ignorant with selfish needs... No wonder I rather watch stupid DragonBall movie then CNN.