Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tomorrrrrooooowwwww, tommmmooooorrrrrroowwwww..... I lllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvv U.

I'm going to Kota Belud Tomorrow. No Actually in a few hours.... YES!!!!



anyway, yup, tomorrow I'm going to my kampung bha at Kelawat, Kota Belud. Not for visiting relatives of mine but for the purpose of RESEARCH.

Yes, I am doing a report on Bajau Sama, although I wished my group member picked Dusun Tindal (that's my race... I AM PROUD TO BE DUSUN!!!) but it's okay no hard feelings.

Listening to Lily Allen- Fuck You made me feel so giddy, I heart the way she sang Fuck you.... makes it seems Fuck You is a sweet word and should be spoken as a word of LOVE and not HATRED.

LOL.... something I will wear tomorrow.



ღ Heartphilia Marz ღ said...

hihi . dusun tindal ka ? :D me too !!!!! me oso from kelawat diz . adedaaa .

SuicideCandy said...

alala... batul bha... bonda sy yg dari kelawat ini.

ღ Heartphilia Marz ღ said...

yaya . sy pla my dad . hahaha !!!!
knl konilia ka ? hehe . :)

SuicideCandy said...

lol....nanti sy pigi tanya la bonda... kali dia kanal 2... klu 1 kg x mungkin x kanal. LOL