Monday, March 16, 2009

Tamu Kuta Belud

Don't be confused, I didn't misspelled the "Kota" with "Kuta" , The real name was Kuta Belud, meaning Bukit Pertahanan/Hill Fort in Bajau Sama. Last weekend I was with my family jalan-jalan at Tamu Kuta Belud, This Tamu is held every Sunday and is the largest Tamu in Sabah.

It's been years since I last step foot at this Tamu ground even though Kelawat is a part of KB. The Tamu haven't really change since the last time I went here, the people is still the same, some oldtime vendor is still there, selling the same stuff.

Fammiliar as it is, I still feel as if it's an eye opening experiences. I learn new things about my own Kampung and understand the place and people more this time (hopefully).

Just as all of you expected there's gonna a be hell lotta pictures....

This Makcik is playing a traditional bajau musical instrument called Kulintangan.

Is it true that every mask is hounted by a spirit especially ancient mask?

My mom is holding a Tudung Duang, a traditional Bajau handicraft.

Mom bought me this cute duang box.

An old pickup used to be the main public transportation.

Nonok is being Nonok. He made my mom bought him a wooden frog, some crocodile toy.

Lato, a seaweed eaten raw with lime juice. My uncle said; "Sadap tu taru limau!!!".

Penjaram... LOL, one of my friend call it Kuih Tetek for its shape. LOL...

Kui Cincin. LOL... crunchy.....

My gumuk dad. LOL....

There are 3 major races in Kota Belud;
1. Dusun Tindal
2. Bajau Sama
3. Iranun

Each with its own identity and uniqueness.
Most Kota Belud people is bilingual, each can speak the other races language especially the Elders.
Now I'm not sure, our younger generation even understand own native language.

Display of affection

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