Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mode Cafe

Star City, Toy's Fair!!! Those with a toys fetish should really go to this event.

Lol... Toy is not my thing but good cake is mine. *Giggles*

Mango Cream Cheese Cake. Yummyness is in the air~

Comfy seats + Good Wifi Spot

This is a good mango cheese cake and it only cost me RM5.50 and only 5% service tax! The texture is good, you can taste the mango and cheese combine just perfectly, not too sweet or hard and almost non existence sponge cake. LOL... I finished it all before Edmond even get a chance to taste. (Forgive me dear... for being selfish... I cant help me self).

So Today was an Okay day, Got to see people pretend drifting on a remote control car, eat good cakes, spicy tomyam... What more can a girl like me ask for?


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