Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hey, feeling hungry...

I've tried something totally unpleasant (I'm sorry but I am one unsatisfied customer) and cost rm3.50 AND it was suppose to be a recipe from Turkey itself cuz the stall was manage by a Turkish foreign student.

That's the guy and he is younger than me and I assume he is in his 3rd or 2nd year here.
and he's kinda cute.... another reason why we choose this stall.

Roll it in.

Roll it out and you got 4 meat balls, the kebab maker told me that the meat balls is homemade.

For those wanna try it, I heard there's one at Centrepoint and manage by the same person.

Got nothing else to say but will update later.

How about this world missin your love?
I know I look like a spy.

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