Monday, March 16, 2009


or in other words.... HURRAH!!!! Lee Chong Wei!
I am having a major proud2BMalaysian moment right now. LOL...

Okay, I am not actually a sports fan of any kind, (although I don't consider myself as a girly girl) and sports to me is just sports...

Me, watching the tournament is pure coincidence.
Edmond and I was eating at this Chinese restaurant and TV was playing the Tournament.
I wasn't interested at first but as I watch the game intensely (YIKES!), I came out as a fan and Malaysia Boleh spirit finally possesses me.

The First time I watch a Badminton tournament and I witness (and almost all Malaysian) Lee Chong Wei beats Lin Dan. WOW!!!! And Lee Chong Wei shows lotta skills (am I using that word correctly?), and there's one time where he actually spins 360, LOL.... he look as if he's doing kungfu instead of playing badminton.

To read more about this click MALAYSIA BOLEH

Sports is fascinating.

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