Monday, March 23, 2009


My life is so boring although there's many more unfortunate than me. I'm sorry for sounding self centered, but hey a girl need to believe the world really is revovle around her.

So, here's my story....
My so-called life...

I woke up at 6am, or before 8am cuz at 8am my class started.
I will gossip with my fab friends CT and Fara.
Study, trying my hard to concentrate when all the time my soul is far away probably at the 7th Heaven.
Copying notes, copying answers from friends (LOL, come on as if YOU never did it), finishing assignment, making reminder about things I gotta do.
Send Ed to work either morning or at 1pm.
More library, surf internet.
Fetch Ed after work.
Home, bath, sleep....

I need To KILL myself now.
Is this a typical student life?
Why can't it be something like those I saw on Hollywood movies?
I thought it's all about the party!?

WTF... I am rambling...
I am hating myself right now, cuz a friend thought I'm some kind of Party Girl.
AS IF!!!
I wish it was true though...
Those things is not for me, I’m too old and broke to partay...
Where's the party girl in me?
Lost inside this fat body.

I'm still here.

P/s : Yo, Miss Independent


cloudz said...

waa.. real tattoo?? nice..

SuicideCandy said...

this one aint... but I have a real one the back.. LOL