Tuesday, March 17, 2009


These few days I seem to be involved in someone's heartbroken story. It's sadden me to see my friends heartbroken by bastards and I sometimes loss words of comfort to share although I do understand the emotions, the feeling of being betrayed by someone you trust. Still as someone used to be a victims of lies, I am still lack of confidence to tell a friend that things will be okay.

The story begins.

This Heartbroken story is quite typical heartbroken tale, girl meet boy... Fall head over head over heels, thought they were madly in love. Then a few months pass, boy started getting bored, daily phone call would be once a week, sms is only a zombie routine, no more sudden "I miss you" bullshit... Their world came apart slowly without them realizing only to realize it was to late to amend things. The worst part is the only the girl tried to save an already losing game. She was left finally by the boy. The Boy free to enjoy life before he met her, the Girl lost in her own thoughts, crying, begging for she couldn't go back to a world without him. Pathetic as it is She considered suicide as an option. As a friend I can only give simple, same, old repeating advice to her.

But what happen when the real reason is not becouse both of them are falling apart? The boy has another girl in his life, someone fresh, someone not her. You are the love of my life is say out loud carelessly as if it has no meaning.

Sometimes men can be so fucked up.


Jessica_Lyne said...

that is one of the things I REALLY despise about the opposite sex..hmm, tell her be strong:)

ReaganRayMunang said...

uhhhmmm..cynta...ummmm...waa..the story..LOL