Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fuck You... Fuck you very very much

DRAGON BALL SUCKS OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasted my precious weekly allowance for a BIG disappointment and all I can say is THAT IS NOT DRAGONBALL.

1. Goku never goes to high school.

2. Piccolo a.k.a Pikor works alone!!!! Mai is one of his enemy not his sidekick.

3. Master Roshi supposed to be funny and Chow Yun Fat can't do comedy (at least this type of comedy).

4. Bulma doesn't own a PHD with a major on Capsule technology and minor in weaponry and the actress playing her look too old. She supposed to be the same age as Goku.

5. Dragonball is westernized too much it has almost no resemblances to the anime or manga.

6. The actress playing Mai doesn't speak any English and the film did a bad job of covering it. PUNYA KETARA KIMA! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Goku will only be a GIGANTIC Gorilla on the eclipse and cannot be whenever he wanted, there's no BullShit about be one with yourself BullShit. And then someone cut of his tail and only then he will not turn into GIGANTIC GORILLA and not the so-call-bullshit-destroyer Oozaru.

8. And also Piccolo looks like a fucking typical hollywood film with super suit and all, he suppose to look like the original character. I expected so much in this character and to see James Marsters playing a poor ciplak imitation of Piccolo, sadden me the most.

9. The script is so bad, the movie started with "There is one rule and It is No rule" something like that, which sounds absolutely corny.

10. All the women's characters are chowing cleavage even the minor character.

And There will be a sequel to this horrible movie. Because at the end turns out Piccolo is not dead but taken care by some village maiden. BULL SHIT MUTHAFUCKA. My childhood favorite cartoon character is tainted by this movie.

Let me mope alone.

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