Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fantasy Land

OMG Academy Fantasia has started?
LOL... hard to believe my ignorance but true I just found out now at Nabalu Cafe while waiting for dear Wiwin.

And sad to say as someone who used to be a fan I think this show is so overrated and I don't think this season will any changes as shown on the annoying AF commercial.

Well since I'm at Nabalu, lemme show ya how's the place...


1 outta 5... The watermelon is powder and not fresh cost my RM5.00

Cheese cake : 2 outta 3. I had better cheese cakes, the cake was thick and hard. Cost RM6.80...

Yes, it is Chisuki.

Out door for those who smokes. Have this sense of retro mode. And with a 27inch LCD screen.

Well, this place is kinda okay, haven't tried all the food so won't comment much about it. Although the service is rude and poor (except the waitress that serve moi). But I love the decor and interior still need some improvement though.

I am one unHAPPY customer.

p/s: today is SPM results day, so GOOD LUCK to Wiwin, Suzai and Evie.

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