Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eyes wide open

God I am so sleepy right now just had a very heavy breakfast and now thinking of napping a perfect recipe for obesity. But I don't wanna mind about my so-called battle with weight. Sometimes I'm happy that I am 50kg (at least my breast would be a full cup), sometimes I don't and always end up trying to starve myself to only eat more than I would eat normally.

Anyhoo I got some few pictures to share for ya'll chocolate lovers.
Ever heard of The Cocoa Boutique?

The Address is at Lorong Bunga Telur A, Tanjung Aru. You can see the big sign while driving to the airport or past Sembulan.

There's variety of chocolates there and till this day I curse myself for not taking more pictures due to an unfotunate battery dilemma. That day I pick this tropical chocolate, inside the chocolate will taste jellyish fruits although I would only give 2 outta 5 for this chocolate.

But I strictly recommend the cappucino chocolate, it's yummy and not too sweet for me.... NGAMLA!!! for young adult macam saya. LOL

seriously all of you won't regret it, even though the price is a bit expensive but money worthy.

You can buy the ala-carte for RM3.50 per piece and the box (mine was) RM26.90 but the nice shop assistants gave me a 15% discount.


p/s: I will asked wewen if she's still got the pictures from her phone and maybe will post em up on another entry.

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