Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Civil Annual Dinner 2009

The Theme

Friends a.k.a Party People

LOL... Clement looks like a waiter here but it's kinda cute. I like bow tie than tie.

This cake is mine!!! LOL... Siti didn't get a chance to bite it, I gobble it all up.

Our appetizer... Sadly no one seems to interested and this 2 'ekor' pretend 'ja'.

No Food... All civil's student is just way too greedy when it comes to food. They didn't left us any...

There's 2 version of this picture. Danny took a bad one of me so I told him to take another picture. You can tell I'm a bit pissed but all is good (and forgiven).

Emma is performing, sadly she couldn't carry "Hanya di Mercu" by Ayu. Stick to buildings honey...

Our Magician of the nite, Eric performing some card trick.

* Sorry, I was too darn lazy to get up from my (2nd from behind) table to get a better picture.

Our Dean...

The very long buffet line....


The guy next to me. LOL.. talk about the differences. He even go for several more servings. No wonder the food gotta be refill 3 times.

The End

Yes... I am a freshie


nicole teo said...

our civil rock oo..!!!! hahaha

SuicideCandy said...

LOL!!! iya... mmg our civil rocks!!!