Tuesday, February 17, 2009


It's Harder Than It Looks! Copy To Your Own Note, Erase My Answers, Enter Yours, And Tag 10 People. Use The First Letter Of Your Name To Answer Each Of The Following Questions. They Have To Be Real...Nothing Made Up! If The Person Before You Had The Same First Initial, You Must Use Different Answers. You Cannot Use Any Word Twice And You Can't Use Your Name For The Boy/ Girl Name Question. HAVE FUN!!!

1. What Is Your Name?

2. A Four Letter Word:

3. A Boy's Name:
Jeffrey Lidi LOL

4. A Girl's Name:

5. An Occupation:

6. A Color:
Jamrud? LOL

7. Something You Wear:
Jam tangan

8. A Food:
Jambu batu

9. Something Found In The Bathroom:

10. A Place:

11. A Reason For Being Late:
Jalan jam bha.

12. Something You Shout:
Jangan BHA!!!

13. A Movie Title:
Jerry Mcguire

14. Something You Drink:
Jelly leong fun

15. A Musical Group:
Jonas Brother (I AM NOT A FAN)

16. A Street Name:
Jalan Keramat... J is for Jalan bha...

17. A Type Of Car:

18. A Song Title:
Jangan pisahkan aku dan dia.

19. A Verb:

I wanna tag Nancy Anthony, Dewina Petrus Guriting (LOL), Suzainie, Precious Sapphire, Joanne Raymond, Jonay Mangabun, Jessica Andrew, Reagan Raymond, and of cuz mommy-to-be Florida.

Kamurang buat ah kalu bulum lagi kena tag dari tag nina. Laptop sia rusak bha jadi bulum lagi kaka ada update pawerrrr... Kamurang sabar beh gia, nanti sia taip-taip yang bagus-baaaaaaagus punya, kasi uplod lagi gambar lawa-laaaawwwwwaaaaaaa.... Sia taw kamu suka tingu tu kan. Jangan tipu sia tau tu. Aiii... malu-malu kusing pula sia kijap.

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