Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poring Ranau RoadTrip

I have been quite busy and Havent ps our trip to poring... so Today I'm gonna post the Pictures. Hope you guys like it

One thing I like about our Sabah is wherever you are, you could see our precious "Gunung Kinabalu"

Damn.... I feel like a tourist in my own godamn country... LOL

Minum Kupi

Ignore my smug expression... I am loving my hair..No makeup on okay...

We have finally arrive

I wannabe a supermodel... YAi.. I'm just trippin here...

Activity no 1 = Swimming in the cold pool.

I know it's very childish and its not even fun... Fuck you lar... I still wanna try it.

Damn... I hate people that can swim.

Trying my best to appear afloat... Edmond Kunun2 teaching me how to swim. I still cannot swim...

Activity no2 = Soaking in hot springs.

The public hot tub... LOL... You can enjoy the hot springs here in this ugly geometrical tub. I dunno if its clean enuff... But I did try it... Come on... what the fuck r u doing at poring if not gonna try this thing.'s a sulphur hot springs... of cuz u're gonna smell funny after that. But it will cure whatever skin disease you have (even kudis).

Some Japanese Tourist

The Hot springs. They used to let people boiled eggs there.

DragonFly feeling suicidal and fly into the hot springs. It die instantly. R.I.P

Activity no3 = Jungle Trekking To mini Waterfall.

LOL... so what I like cam-whoring.

Activity no4 = Canopy Walk

If you are afraid of heights please do not attempt to do this. You'll just slow other while you're panicking.

Something you should expect to see up there...

...and down

Please dont carved the tree. We fucking dont care you're so in love whatsoever. Be kind to Nature... They have feelings too.

The end of the trail.

Activity no5 = Butterfly Farm

Dalmation version of Butterfly

LOL... It felt kinda funny the butterfly just flew and land on my hand.

Pity, the place haven't been maintained.

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