Sunday, February 22, 2009

My romance in november...

I know I shouldn't be complaining but what happen to the romance that I dreamt of... As another victim of the hopeless romantic, my relationship I guess has almost lost it sense of romanticism... Alas... I am another one of those who wish they could complain to the other half but refrained from doing so... Dear lord... what happen to the so called HONESTY in a
I love him of cuz but things just been too routine that I could almost memorize every movements, every conversation and almost no pleasant surprises to amused us. Just the same boring routine that probably will end a relationship... something that I hope won't happen to us. I wanna feel the same lovey dovey dopey feeling I once feel in the earlier stage of the relationship. I wonder if he feel the same as I do though I don't wanna bring this subject up with him cuz he'll either thinks that I am bored with him or brings up the past which always lead to tiresome arguments.
As a newbie in a serious relationship, I see this as a challenge something that I won't let myself give in to the norm of this kind of relationship. I so don't wanna be like an old classic asian marriage couple that in the end all conversation involves grunting and sex is just for productivity purposes. I want a never ending romance and nothing will stop me from getting what I deserve (damn I feel like one of those beyonce's song).
The Lover


Reaggy'sWorld said...

Awww..cynta..ya2 mcm beyonce's song ka..heheh..ummm..i think you need spend time with dia..ask if dia ok with u? dia still love you?..ask bout ur lovelife? with sweet n soft tone voice ya..Or spice up in ur relationship..umm..u two sepadan..jgn putus asa will be fine. Pray to god for u two,ok geng.

Sigup said...

wahhhh...berat ni..indapa, love never being early or late baa. sia simple jaa (nasihat kampung2 ni tau).. if u feel that it need to be safe, then just do it, else just make a move to another stage of life! there are no winner or loser in the world of love. :P :D jgn marah ahh.