Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me want go go.

I no mood no lappie no can work no anything. I know lar i shud just chill tomorrow maybe lappie be good-good. Ai... sit... wat la i can do know? my heart broken now cannot put back. i know i am over la, but you not me. you not know how stress me now.

i need me lappie, i got this assignment and wan to heer mandaring dvd becos i am feling tat subjek. lass mondei i go clas n was humilitated cos no one thing i noe pasal mandaring. i porgot la bro... cill la Mrs Lim, yo fess veri sad no smile at ol. no nid la kol me rite the board. me so klules, evan cina tulisan i porgot, wat can do... noting rait...haiii....

then suddenli she tell us dey5 got orel tess, i say pukima (in heart la), i no know any cina at all, i studi bat knot remember. hard bha, i see ol raiting the same. after that mat tess oso at day5. waaahhhh... pipel sei studen laif bha.

Like I am so vunerable right now.

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Reaggy'sWorld said...

Got ur comment darl..u tgk la apa sy respon..heheh..Ohh my..sabar la darl..ini life so unfair rite :)