Thursday, February 5, 2009

The gobbler

LOL... here I am rocking like a hurricane!!! LOL... I am in a bit rock and roll mode...
This entry is about the thing we must do everyday... EAT YUMMY FOOD!!!

Last saturday, the whole clan (well almost) accompany our should be the next Academy Fantasia STAR, but she didn't make it, not because she sound like a screaming cat, check out her blog more to know.
KIMA SALAH TYPE!!!!! WTF!!!! anyway... just click the picture to know more about her audition.

That day was awesome, even though we gotta wait long for our dear starlet, we manage to eat delicious food and tried out 3 restaurant at 1borneo. Whoopee...

Breakfast. (a non halal cuisine) Ngau chap!!! Gila punya men sadap!

The Shop is at Lintas near to HK bank. It's only open till 3pm so if you want to gain weight and suffer heart attack, better check this shop out. LOL...

Location : Tasty Food Village 1borneo
Verdict : God... I wish I chose KFC...

Sushi From Wagamama... Sushi King is way better...

This currypuff suppose to be very tasty but the taste change and doesn't seem that good no more.

The worst apple pie you will ever taste.

A rip off and doesn't sound near to the original. This pizza should never exist!


If you still wanna waste your money at Tasty Food Village better stick to malaysian cuisine. You will regret it less.

Location 2.
Coffee Break after window shopping in 5inch heels.

Mine was peppermint tea. (Forgot what ciean's probably associated with ginger or honey).


Penang Village.
Another coffee break.

Yummy isn't it...

Our drinks was on the house thanx to an acquaintance. Anyway, the restaurant is not as expensive as it looks. It's worth trying out. The service was polite and pleasant.



Anonymous said...

not "Ngau Chap (isi kerbau campur)" la that.. its "Chu Chap" mean in malay isi babi campur2

GlamX said...

Mine was Chamomile Tea ..sadly I don't know how it taste. Kimakness to can't smell and taste.And ya..thats chu chap. Ngau Chap..we got eat at Kah Hiong some other time.

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... thanx for correcting me. sy happy ko p komen sy.