Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dragon Ball


Although I am a bit disappointed by the cast but what can we do... we gotta accept it cuz I still wanna see how hollywood will create the KAME HAME HA effect, the hair, EVERYTHING...

It's a bummer that not all of the character will be in the movie...
Anyway to all the anime and Dragon ball manga fan will definitely remember Pikor or in this upcoming DragonBall movie Lord Piccolo... Well the movie started at that plot, we won't see Son Goku in his childhood days (He haven't yet found the super saiya in him but everytime when the moons or someone pulls his tail he'll immediately become a big giant human-ape) in his adventure with Bulma in the quest of looking for dragon balls (I am so gonna go find all my DB comics at home).

Still in my opinion Hollywood pick the easiest plot to begin with and as a fan I am so disappointed that they pick Justin Chatwin as Son Goku... I mean come on... clearly Son Goku character meant to be played by an asian actor and I reaaaaalllllyyy don't understand why they pick Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi. God... don't get me started but they pick almost all the wrong people for all the character... even Mutaito is played by Ernie Hudson and I'm not being racist here but he is black... But they did get one thing right though, James Marsters soooooo suitable playing Piccolo... Just look at that cheek bone he is born to be pikor, and he's tall enough.

But that's not bad enough cuz they created a new character for the film... WHO THE FUCK IS EMI!!!!!!!!! She doesn't exist in neither manga or anime and worst is... they created 5 new characters for the movie.
1. Texas Battle
2. Weaver
3. Agundas
4. Mr. Kingery.
5. Emi
and I just google about this Emi character supposed to be Chichi ex classmate WTF...

It is clear that they never read or maybe even watch DragonBall...
Kurin is not in this movie... Remember him? He's Goku's bestfriend, he's not in the list of characters in the film.

I am so mad at myself forgetting Grandpa Gohan... all I remember was Gohan is Goku's son and of cuz named after his Grandfater. This character will be played by Randall Duk Kim.

See what I mean...

Chow Yun Fat is too young and hot playing horny Master Roshi

Minor character such as Mai played by Eriko Tamura... This one they got it right.

Bulma will be played by Emmy Rossum. Never heard of her and well... Bulma can be played by any cute looking girl and she doesn't look cute enough but probably this is just a bad picture of Emmy Rossum.

Newcomer Joon Park is one of the leading role as Yamcha. Although he would be a better Goku then Justin Chatwin.

Can you see the resemblances? The CHEEK BONE honey and last I check, James Marsters does have a hot bod.

Just let me drooolll....

Yes.... Honey I'm coming (while taking off my clothes). LOL...

Don't pout honey or i will melt.... ( There's a bucket over there for any viewers wish to vomit.)


I know You Miss Me.

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