Wednesday, February 11, 2009


lol... decided to share some of my workshop pictures though a bit blurry but what can you expect with a phone camera (except those with 8mp of cuz).

Just Downloaded Beyonce's latest single Diva...
I'ma Ima Ima Ima a DIVA...

This Is The Thing we made or shall I say Carved using machine la... I'm not quite sure what this is, I think this might be some kind of joint cuz I saw this before. Though Not sure Cuz we were only given the plan and every dimension must be precise.

The Machine. We named her Lydia...

The 5 Stooges. See ugly orange shirt.

Dirty Floor = Dirty Converse Sneakers.

This is where you do the torturing.

Next week we're gonna do the finishing and make 'the thing' SHINY!!!

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