Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crocodile Farm

As I promise you, my latest photo log at crocodile Farm.
You see, it's not quite a fun experience for me but an eye opener though because I believe that animals shouldn't be kept in captivity, they should be running free in their own natural habitat. But this is an old issue, mostly their habitats are long gone, destroyed by our kind. Though I'm not here to preach I am just stating my own opinion and its up to all of us to undo whatever been done or at least amend them.

God, this just remind me of something I saw at TV3 yesterday. It's on this 1 hour show (forgot what's the programme's name) about latest issues or issues that deserve public awareness... something like that. LOL... anyway, in this show there's this animals cruelty that been going on under our nose, DO YOU KNOW WHERE STRAY CATS AND DOGS GO TO WHEN CAUGHT? To the pound of course and killed supposedly by lethal injection. BUT the truth is the strays are killed not by any fucking lethal injection but by choking them to death and drowning them. This is just fucking CRUEL! Prefer them to be running free than dying, we gotta find another alternative.

On to the photos, it is by random order.

Can you believe this bag is worth RM30,000. That's almost the same price of my car.

The biggest crocodile used in the so called crocodile show. The show is so lame!!!

What please me is, this place is not about crocodile 100%. This is a long house build for cultural show.

Taken by lil bro.

Mumified horse... doesn't it look creepy?

Another animal mummy.... KARABAU.

I don't see the point here... is it suppose to be funny?

Bapa and Lil bro touching a real life croc.


A long lost technology.


Gross... I keep on imagining how it would be like sewing a dead animal's head.

In real life nonok probably will be kick by it.

Please someone explain to me why is this croc happen to be bisexual? I am so clueless!!!

silly nonok... pretending to sleep (hopefully).

Just me

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GlamX said...

that bag looks similar to Hermes's Birkin bag. And yes, its damn expensive. Kalu menang jackpot, MEMANG saya beli.