Friday, February 27, 2009

My friend's bday...

CHINESE horoscope

wana try this stupid game click this LILIAN TOO.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Belated Posts...

Hi Hi... This is all me belated posts... Get ready everyone for all the narssisstic pictures of moi.


yeah... I know you are missing me right at this moment you muthafucka. LOL

Dragon Ball


Although I am a bit disappointed by the cast but what can we do... we gotta accept it cuz I still wanna see how hollywood will create the KAME HAME HA effect, the hair, EVERYTHING...

It's a bummer that not all of the character will be in the movie...
Anyway to all the anime and Dragon ball manga fan will definitely remember Pikor or in this upcoming DragonBall movie Lord Piccolo... Well the movie started at that plot, we won't see Son Goku in his childhood days (He haven't yet found the super saiya in him but everytime when the moons or someone pulls his tail he'll immediately become a big giant human-ape) in his adventure with Bulma in the quest of looking for dragon balls (I am so gonna go find all my DB comics at home).

Still in my opinion Hollywood pick the easiest plot to begin with and as a fan I am so disappointed that they pick Justin Chatwin as Son Goku... I mean come on... clearly Son Goku character meant to be played by an asian actor and I reaaaaalllllyyy don't understand why they pick Chow Yun-Fat as Master Roshi. God... don't get me started but they pick almost all the wrong people for all the character... even Mutaito is played by Ernie Hudson and I'm not being racist here but he is black... But they did get one thing right though, James Marsters soooooo suitable playing Piccolo... Just look at that cheek bone he is born to be pikor, and he's tall enough.

But that's not bad enough cuz they created a new character for the film... WHO THE FUCK IS EMI!!!!!!!!! She doesn't exist in neither manga or anime and worst is... they created 5 new characters for the movie.
1. Texas Battle
2. Weaver
3. Agundas
4. Mr. Kingery.
5. Emi
and I just google about this Emi character supposed to be Chichi ex classmate WTF...

It is clear that they never read or maybe even watch DragonBall...
Kurin is not in this movie... Remember him? He's Goku's bestfriend, he's not in the list of characters in the film.

I am so mad at myself forgetting Grandpa Gohan... all I remember was Gohan is Goku's son and of cuz named after his Grandfater. This character will be played by Randall Duk Kim.

See what I mean...

Chow Yun Fat is too young and hot playing horny Master Roshi

Minor character such as Mai played by Eriko Tamura... This one they got it right.

Bulma will be played by Emmy Rossum. Never heard of her and well... Bulma can be played by any cute looking girl and she doesn't look cute enough but probably this is just a bad picture of Emmy Rossum.

Newcomer Joon Park is one of the leading role as Yamcha. Although he would be a better Goku then Justin Chatwin.

Can you see the resemblances? The CHEEK BONE honey and last I check, James Marsters does have a hot bod.

Just let me drooolll....

Yes.... Honey I'm coming (while taking off my clothes). LOL...

Don't pout honey or i will melt.... ( There's a bucket over there for any viewers wish to vomit.)


I know You Miss Me.


USING ONLY ONE WORD!it's not as easy as you might think!copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on by tagging your friends.

01. where is your cell phone? tuuuunnnnaaaaa...
02. your significant other? working
03. your hair? okaylar
04. your mother? teaching
05. your father? musing
06. your favorite place? home
07. your dream last night? insignificant
08. your favorite drink? WAIG
09. your dream/goal? MILLIONAIRE
10. what room you are in? office
11. your hobby? reading
12. your fear? constipation
13. where do you want to be in 6 years? CEO
14. where were you last night? PARTAY
15. something that you aren't? plain
16. muffins? eatable
17. wish list item? iPOD
18. where you grew up? KK
19. last thing you did? mucus
20. what are you wearing? skirt
21. your TV? OFF
22. your pet(s)? bubu
23. friends? company
24. your life? crazie
25. your mood? SICK
26. missing someone? nope
27. car? viva
28. something you're not wearing? jeans
29. your favorite store? giant (LOL)
30. your favorite color? undecided
33. when is the last time you laughed? now
34. last time you cried? 2nait
35. who will resend this? bloggers
36. one place that i go to over and over? kadaikalingkingfisher... (what... equal to 1 word bha!)
37. one person who emails me regularly? theREAG
38. another person who emails me regularly? LindsayLohan (LOL...)
39. are you nice? nope
40. who's your enemy? undisclosed

well... well...well.... what do we have here... some pretty girl just tag me... what should this me do?... I'm tagging too....

1. Reagan
2. Wewen.
3. Marz
4. Macaronie
5. Florida

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My romance in november...

I know I shouldn't be complaining but what happen to the romance that I dreamt of... As another victim of the hopeless romantic, my relationship I guess has almost lost it sense of romanticism... Alas... I am another one of those who wish they could complain to the other half but refrained from doing so... Dear lord... what happen to the so called HONESTY in a
I love him of cuz but things just been too routine that I could almost memorize every movements, every conversation and almost no pleasant surprises to amused us. Just the same boring routine that probably will end a relationship... something that I hope won't happen to us. I wanna feel the same lovey dovey dopey feeling I once feel in the earlier stage of the relationship. I wonder if he feel the same as I do though I don't wanna bring this subject up with him cuz he'll either thinks that I am bored with him or brings up the past which always lead to tiresome arguments.
As a newbie in a serious relationship, I see this as a challenge something that I won't let myself give in to the norm of this kind of relationship. I so don't wanna be like an old classic asian marriage couple that in the end all conversation involves grunting and sex is just for productivity purposes. I want a never ending romance and nothing will stop me from getting what I deserve (damn I feel like one of those beyonce's song).
The Lover

Saturday, February 21, 2009

WHy dont the world revolve around me.

Dear... dear.... I dunno what's going on with my life... I hate the fact that i feel useless and feel as if my life is too chaotic... I wish I could post more intelligent entry than idiotic entries, which involved ramblings from a "Bukit Padang" patient.

Even them I am sure have far more imaginative and intellect in their ramblings while I am pretending to be psycho when in fact I am just ordinary and plain. Something that I try hard to deny although I must accept that I am nothing but a girl.... a Sabahan that contribute nothing to the world other than being a part of human population. Just another silent witness of the world.

Although I am happy that I lived in an era where my home is free from war, a part of me imagine myself living in the war zone... What does it feel like? Is there such things as happiness in a place like that? Will I find Love? How will I go through my daily life? simple questions... complicated questions... that seems to be no precise answer unless I trade my own life with them... I can only give sympathy and few moneys with wishes of peace to them. Thats all an ordinary girl like me can contribute...

Then... my life problems kicks in and show me, my reality...
My own life... My own disorganize life... My own hectic life....
There's no escape to this... even death won't forget the guilt I carry on forever....
But everyone has its own version of dark secrets... So mine wouldn't be anything special...

I am melting

Seriously, I could be the unluckiest or probably clumsiest human on earth... LOL...

Anyway, I miss being on9 so much... my lappie currently recovering but still in the ward. I feel lost without my lappie. WTF

anyway... I feeling kinda high right now... Fever came suddenly and it picked the worst time ever!!! I am super duper busy with 2 muthafucka test and it cudnt pick a better time. FUCK...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Me want go go.

I no mood no lappie no can work no anything. I know lar i shud just chill tomorrow maybe lappie be good-good. Ai... sit... wat la i can do know? my heart broken now cannot put back. i know i am over la, but you not me. you not know how stress me now.

i need me lappie, i got this assignment and wan to heer mandaring dvd becos i am feling tat subjek. lass mondei i go clas n was humilitated cos no one thing i noe pasal mandaring. i porgot la bro... cill la Mrs Lim, yo fess veri sad no smile at ol. no nid la kol me rite the board. me so klules, evan cina tulisan i porgot, wat can do... noting rait...haiii....

then suddenli she tell us dey5 got orel tess, i say pukima (in heart la), i no know any cina at all, i studi bat knot remember. hard bha, i see ol raiting the same. after that mat tess oso at day5. waaahhhh... pipel sei studen laif bha.

Like I am so vunerable right now.


It's Harder Than It Looks! Copy To Your Own Note, Erase My Answers, Enter Yours, And Tag 10 People. Use The First Letter Of Your Name To Answer Each Of The Following Questions. They Have To Be Real...Nothing Made Up! If The Person Before You Had The Same First Initial, You Must Use Different Answers. You Cannot Use Any Word Twice And You Can't Use Your Name For The Boy/ Girl Name Question. HAVE FUN!!!

1. What Is Your Name?

2. A Four Letter Word:

3. A Boy's Name:
Jeffrey Lidi LOL

4. A Girl's Name:

5. An Occupation:

6. A Color:
Jamrud? LOL

7. Something You Wear:
Jam tangan

8. A Food:
Jambu batu

9. Something Found In The Bathroom:

10. A Place:

11. A Reason For Being Late:
Jalan jam bha.

12. Something You Shout:
Jangan BHA!!!

13. A Movie Title:
Jerry Mcguire

14. Something You Drink:
Jelly leong fun

15. A Musical Group:
Jonas Brother (I AM NOT A FAN)

16. A Street Name:
Jalan Keramat... J is for Jalan bha...

17. A Type Of Car:

18. A Song Title:
Jangan pisahkan aku dan dia.

19. A Verb:

I wanna tag Nancy Anthony, Dewina Petrus Guriting (LOL), Suzainie, Precious Sapphire, Joanne Raymond, Jonay Mangabun, Jessica Andrew, Reagan Raymond, and of cuz mommy-to-be Florida.

Kamurang buat ah kalu bulum lagi kena tag dari tag nina. Laptop sia rusak bha jadi bulum lagi kaka ada update pawerrrr... Kamurang sabar beh gia, nanti sia taip-taip yang bagus-baaaaaaagus punya, kasi uplod lagi gambar lawa-laaaawwwwwaaaaaaa.... Sia taw kamu suka tingu tu kan. Jangan tipu sia tau tu. Aiii... malu-malu kusing pula sia kijap.

Weapon in a form of words

What can I say... Thing are hectic and everything seems to be testing my patient.I don't wanna act all highly saying I will accept what is and believe of something better willl happened now.
No... I don't want to be console or fired up by anyone at all...I want nothing at all, just a chance to let out without no judgemental remarks, scarcastic, humor or anything related.

here goes....


singing OUT LouD juSt to Annoy you.'s a funny photo of belated mui2. Go make yourself happy, eating, dancing and even masturbating ANYTHING at all. Everyone deserve to be happy even for a moment. Sadness probably is temporary for some people to someone that see sadness as permanent, u are seriously fucked up,go get some Prozac for fuck's sake.



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello To all

LOL... I can't believe I have this much secret Admirers....
In Fact I never had a secret admirer at least none that I know...
So I'm a bit conceited today so prepare yourself for another conceited entry. LOL


Get This!

Sometimes a girl need a boost of self confidence no matter how crude or shallow it is.