Friday, January 16, 2009

wait till you see what the cat brought in.

In the mist of sadness, I am still capable in being the ass in every joke. Morning everyone... my clock shows 10.05am, sitting alone at some dark corner in my school, waiting for class to start.

Anyway, this blog haven't been updated for 3 straight days cuz of a sudden death of an Aunt. I'm sorry to say I don't really know her and wish I could get to know her before she leaves us forever. It's kinda sad cuz she was a role model to me, I wannabe as successful as her one day.

I haven't moved yet, been packing and sending stuffs, still haven't move out form that dump...Hopefully tomorrow will finished moving and then the next step shall be getting to know the housemates.

BTW have you guys watch the latest season of American Idol? I'm not really a fan of the program but I like the audition part where most of the contestants do the most ABSURD+FUNNY just for 15 minutes fame. You will know for sure you won't be seeing anyone wearing a rabbit suit for an audition for Akademi Fantasia.

LOL, anyway Chisuki is planning to audition for Akademi Fantasia and MAYBE I will audition as well just for fun and embarass myself on TV LOL...

Anyway, there's this constestant Katrina Darrell, the "bikini girl", She's hot, no argument about that. I just feel that the only reason she get to go to Hollywood is the bikini and Kara DiGuardi 1000 times sounds better than her and the I-so-hot-and-I-know-I'm-Better attitude of Katrina Darrell I'm sure won't get her far.

Here's the audition tape if anyone missed that particular episode of American Idol.

Singing my heart out to the Baddest Judge ever.


ReaganRay said...

Jom kita ganti dorg jadi judge..hahha

SuicideCandy said...

huhu... betul e2... sy maw jadi the BITCH in that show.

xoxochic said...

huahuahua.funny post.can't wait to be the die hard supporter.