Wednesday, January 7, 2009

top secret mission

Right now am at class... wish my web cam is workin so i can take some photos... anyway...
I really wanna change my blog theme but found it quite annoying cuz constantly get the bjx etc.. error. It's sucks cuz i am thinking about a blue layout kinda like the ocean and of cuz mount Kinabalu. I really wish I can climb it again someday, the view there is breath taking. I still remember it vividly since I went up to the top at 2003.

I saw an ad at my school about an expedition to Kinabalu and am interested to join, but only 1 problem the expedition cost RM580. You gotta be kidding!!! That's my first reaction reading the ad. The cost is absurd because back at the days it only cost me about RM80.

Now I am considering whether or not I should join the expedition.

wish money grows on tree

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