Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This is a continuation of the story Tantadan.

What is a Tantadan? It's an insect, NO... I dunno what it's called in english, malay and obviously I dunno what its scientific name is. Tantadan, a 6 legged flying creature a daily irritation for Tambunanians (LOL). Kinda like a bee and according to my dad (while fixing my lil bro new bike) said it can sting too. It feeds on honey, so maybe it's from the "Bee family" (gotta google it later).

So, the weird thing about this Tantadan that keeps on bugging the Lidi clan is... In my opinion either it share my mamatua's taste in Home design or Really Obsessed with us that it deliberately build it nest the same color as ours or Green is the New Black.

To add more weirdness (I dunno y but it dusn't sound rite to me) to this weird phenomena the nest 1 KILOMETER------------------------- AWAY-------------------- FROM my mamatua's HOUSE. Which is OSO GREEN WHAT...

Frankly, my mamatua house supports the environment, look at her house pretty in green. FYI to environment activist out there NO TREE IS BUTCHERED during its renovation.

I know my blog maybe suck but at least I don't talk behind ones back.

p/s ( To an estranged aunt, I hope you are well... I heard about the "news", be brave and pray to the almighty always. May God Bless You)

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