Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The pain

"Family Comes First".
I agree with it 100%. The reason I used this quote due to an unfortunate incident happen to my family. It's nothing so horrible but horrible enough so you want to kill the person who did that to your love one. Rational thoughts kick in and I know I may have been a bit too far with the incident but I am satisfied with the result. (I lie... I wish I could drag the person down until that person couldn't get up and when down kick the bastard some more LOL).

Wouldn't you do the same for your family?
I hope the person realize what happened not only hurt a family member but all of us.
We are the Raymonds from the Lidi Clan. I don't mean to be all "mafia" (LOL) but if you ever touches any of my love ones I will make sure you pay.

"You talking to me?"

p/s: I was civilized handling THE SITUATION and nobody was hurt.
p/p/s: LOL I sound like a "taiko" kima...