Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Nanny

During this Hols, I am officially a babysitter to 3 DOGS and 2 Puppies (with help from Edmond of cuz). And I am officially became a CAT person 100%. Not that I hate dogs, I wurve them. But the taking care part is so tedious and sometimes it get annoying when they keep barking nonstop.

They really cute and adorable dogs (at least for me lar).

I did not locked her inside this cage. I am not a certified dog nanny so I am not allowed to walk her out except around living room. (Her 'Human' is super protective of her).

Fei xai. (did I spell it rite?) Anyway he's my favorite, poor him a gang of dogs bullied him and he hurt his leg becouse of the fight.

The other dog Bobi not in the picture cuz she's a bitch and locked in a room with her puppies. She's so mean to me. She even tried to bit my arm when I tried to pet her.

before you start calling Animals rights activists, remember I am not a certified dog nanny.

Tomorow my duty as dog nanny will be over!

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