Friday, January 9, 2009

miserably happy.

Sipping lemon tea at Multi Bake, Edmond and I are planning to go on a trip somewhere nice and far from rainy KK. It's been raining the whole week and I have to cancel my jogging routine for the whole week. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine on KK.

But surprisingly I love rainy days. The cold air just wanna make me hide myself in a warm blanket and sleep like a lazy cat for the rest of the day. I didn't get my wish though...
My class already started and I have almost no time to be lazy. The main reason why I hate school.


Other story, the past night I haven't been sleeping well due to a stupid Japanese's scary movie. Don't get me wrong it was not THAT bad cuz it still manage to scared me. But who won't be scared watching a horror movie at midnight alone.

Edmond and I are finally moving out to the suburbs and nearer to my school. The new place seems nice though got 4 dogs and a bitch guarding the house. We'll be far from noisy, dirty KK. Think I'm gonna miss the old place, had a lot of memories there... a mixture of relief and sadness. Relief because no more grumpy-snobs next door people, no more rats, free from polluted environment. Sad cuz leaving a familiar place where I have already accept as home to both of us. Hopefully the new place will be better.

I'll die happily if I can indulge this on my last minute on Earth.

the newcomer.

p/s : Already decided our trip. We're going to Poring!!! Well I know to Sabahan probably this place is boring and nothing left to be discovered... SO WHAT?!! I'm still going anyway.

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