Friday, January 23, 2009


Listening to Neyo's Mad, the rain just started again and am so hungry.
Yes, it will be another food entry, I think i should create a new label about my love for tasty fattening food.

Anyhoo, last Monday my mum just gave me the most awesome snack ever created in the whole wide world. At least for me lar.
She got it from her korean student and apparently this wonderful goodies is from Korea (if that student ain't bullshitting me mum).

It's chocolate cake with marshmallow inside. OMG I think I just got an orgasm by saying that. Really it is that GOOD!


I dunno why something called Ghana can be this SADAP!!!

See the marshmallow inside. It ain't suppose to look like this but I forgotten it in my car and the chocolate melted thus wrecking it's delicate features.

What?!!!!!!!!!!! Can a girl enjoy a Good snack once in a while?


Jessica_Lyne said...

this is totally unrelated tp sia suka tingu ur lashes..pic 2..been trying like crazy to get similar effect - long, separated lashes - tp tia pernah dpt ni, unless i use falsies!

SuicideCandy said...

LOL... actually I potosop it la jess. but thanx anyway, kimbang diriku kijap.