Thursday, January 8, 2009

I got it from my Momma

Ever wonder why your parents named you with the name in your birth certificate. Well, I never but I was quite surprised the first time I found out the reason why Mr Raymond Lidi and Mrs Geta Lakub named us with the name we got now.

I am the eldest so I'll start with my name.
My real name is Jacynta R. Lidi.
Reason : I'm named after a nun that witness the Virgin Mary.
Resemblances : NONE. I am the least pious person you will ever know.

Joanne Raymond.
Reason : Named after a pretty newscaster.
Resemblances : Pretty but totally not a newscaster type.

Ronald Raymond Lidi
Reason : After the US President, Ronald Reagan.
Resemblances : NONE. Come on lar... President and a 20 year old Asian dude?

Genesis Raphael Raymond.
Reason : The first chapter in the bible and the famous painter.
Resemblances : Yet to be known. He's the youngest and not quite sure if he have any talent in art.

Well my point is... NONE I guess. LOL.
I am just thankful for the name I have now even though my name have been ridiculed and thousands of misspelled in certificates, doctor's note, school document etc...

And to my siblings, big sis (YAI!!!) will always supports you guys even when she's kookoo crazy.


P/S : I still remember who created that ugly nickname.

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ReaganRay said...

Waaa tag line for ur comment..hahhaha..Miss you all la..basar2 da kamu sia lg basar dr kamu muahahahahahhaha!!