Monday, January 5, 2009


Do you know where to find the worst "human" traffic ever?
Try visiting my school on registration day.
I really wished I could take some photos but as a student my priority is to registered myself...

The scene is so barbaric and nobody care about anybody, they keep pushing and pushing.
Ripping papers as if it have no means and you can't even be sure if you really did registered for the real subject you wanted.

Thank God, this semester I am not taking English but I think it will be another nightmare of mine cuz I'm taking Mandarin. I know a bit... verrrrryyyyyy liiiittttllleeeee mmmmmmiiinnnnniiiiimmmmmuuuunnnnn Mandarin, cuz both my siblings been to a chinese primary school, so I know how to count 1 - 10 in madarin and I don't think I could pronouce it right. There's other languages offered but I picked Mandarin cuz the largest population in the world i chinese and I know there's many dialects still Mandarin is the national language of China. I would love to visit China one day.

Hopefully I could excel in Mandarin, in fact my first class is today at 7.00pm.
I'm quite nervous but WTF...

cynta and edmond sitting on a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G... (just to annony u Honey)


Jessica_Lyne said...

o god, i know the feeling..And to think that they are all uni students..heh! budak tadika pun tida macm tu kan..hehe

cynta said...

ya.... mimang pun... maw nangis sy kena tulak2 tadi... wakakaka... kamu d uitm pun g2 ka?

Jessica_Lyne said...

dulu la, tym 1st tym register d uitm. skg class n subjects reg online ja, jadi sa selamat la dari segala kejadian tulak-menulak ni..hihi