Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Year of the Ox

Happy chinese new year to all! I hope all of you are spending quality time in this festive time of the year with your love one unlike me stuck at home, and currently the "lazy mode" is on.

BUt forget about me, I wanna show you guys some photos I took on the annual Chinese New Year bazaar, happens only ONCE a year. This bazaar unlike any other bazaar cause major traffic jam on odd hours. The bazaar started early morning and ends around 2am, I arrived there (with Edmond) at midnite and it is still packed with people and cars parked in the middle of the street desperate to get a good parking where its near to the bazaar. Even though this bazaar is held annually it is actually my first time going there.

People act crazy in certain times.

What interesting about this bazaar is the length, roads are close and up with the lanterns. It's very interesting to see the mixed of culture in this bazaar. That's what I love about my Sabah, you won't be an outcast no mattter where you are. Even in my own family there's mix of all races and not to forget my own blood.

To non Sabahan reader: I'm sorry I dunno the name of the street but I now that the bazaar is situated at Segama until Pasar KK/Sisuran Border.

The bazaar sold almost everything from fireworks, perfume and of cuz variety of chinese food. BTW I thought fireworks supposed to be illegal but who cares, it's a must for CNY.

See what I mean... nobody wud dare sell fireworks openly like this one. This is THE ONLY stall selling fireworks.

Groceries items at night, dunno if it's still fresh.

My Fav... "kou chung" dunno how to spell it but I really like it. It's sticky rice with meat and ground nuts inside.

It's been ages since I had my last cotton candy so I bought one BLUE COTTON CANDY.

Those who seriously suffering a cookies fetish should go and buy here, very cheap.

Those who cannot afford real perfume should try buying this rip off. Its smells the same but will only last for an hour though. (Y do I know this... Cuz I once bought it for myself).

Then I bump into an old nostalgia... The ice cream that could wake me from my nap and beg my mum money to buy this sweet sweet sweet sweet ice cream.

Don't get in between me and Caprilla ice cream, you will seriously be hurt. I'M SERIOUS.

Funny thing is, Caprilla ice cream truck is still run by the same Chinese couple when I was only 8 years old. They look the same only a bit older than I used to remember them. I doubt it that they remember me though.

Random pictures

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

p/s : also bought this cool thing.

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