Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good morning

No, i am not having a good morning. I just made Edmond late for work cuz I deliberately shut the alarm and forgot to wind it back. He look kinda pissed and I dunno how to react. I did said I'm sorry but maybe it's not enough.

Damn, he's been kinda stressed lately and arriving late for work will just be another bad day at work for him (His fuckin boss is too strict). God... I feel so guilty right now.

Anyway, punctuality have been my problem for ages.


Yesterday was a Good Morning. I took some scenery photos at Jalan Pantai. To me it look so serene, funny the thing you took for granted will shocked you whenever you paused for a moment, breath and look really look outside you window. (But be careful if you're driving, it may be not your fault but another maniac driver still accident is better prevented).

LOve OuR EnVironmenT. StoP PolluTing Our SeA

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