Monday, January 12, 2009

God My Tummy Hurts.

It's rainy and it's Monday a lethal combination that will make you hate waking up. As expected I am late to class, sitting behind doesn't do me good cuz it's another Indian lecturer with a very thick accent and I am at the back staring at someone's red panty.

Today I'll be camping out at school cuz I got class till 10.00pm, I'm not exactly complaining cuz with the current time table I'll be free for 4 fucking days. WOOOHOOO!!!! Guess it's gonna be another busy week for me, tomorrow will start moving to the new place. HAPPINESS but poor wewen just when she move to KK, we're moving out.

I'm really feeling the moday blues right now and disappointingly it's my 2nd week at class and already thinking of going clubbing this weekend. (EVIL LOUGH)!!!!! But I cannot! cuz tomorrow got geology test and I want to redeem myself after last sem.

Anyway, to end this entry gonna post some of my favourite clubbing moments.

This is the night where I gotta claim my bra as a part of my outfit.

The retard.

Amy manja-manja sama sy...

Girls I cannot live wothout


ShadesOfPurple said...

I heart the pictures. Super chioness!!

SuicideCandy said...

i heart 2... damnit, sy mimang pndi tangkap gambar. LOL...