Tuesday, January 6, 2009


God, I can believe I went to class on the first day it started.
Yes, I am that kind of student, I have my own academic calender which usually start a least 2 days later that the original.

I was eager to start class yesterday but turn out... I was the only one and nerd enuff to attend. Alone with Mrs Lim (My Mandarin Teacher) I really dunno what to say.
Yes again, I am one of those student... Timid and shy around authority figure excluding my parents. I WURVEEEE MY MAMA AND BAPA!!!!

God, I gotta change myself. This year no more Miss scaredy Cat....
I hope I could be more what to say ahhh... kinda like Kimora Lee Simmons, Loud and Fabulous.

The next Moghul maybe?

p/s (dunno if my "moghul" spelling is right but who give a fuck?!!!)

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